Confidence with Business and Social Etiquette will allow you to behave confidently in any setting and put those around you at ease - which is the ultimate goal of etiquette.

Why Business and Social Etiquette Skills Are Important

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Dining Skills – Western, European and Asian

Dining skills are quite different between Asian, Western and European countries and nowhere is the expression “When in Rome,” more apropos.  Fine dining skills include familiarity with various dining customs and conforming as much as possible.  Polished dining skills are an imperative. 

Refined social skills set you apart to be noticed in all the best ways.  Whether you are an executive wanting to feel more comfortable in the international arena, management working towards promotion, newly hired and wanting to be noticed for your executive potential, or a collegiate just starting out.

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Business and Social Etiquette are integral parts of cultures worldwide. Etiquette encompasses the prescriptive elements of a culture – actions and words we are expected to say - or avoid. Globalization of businesses has made understanding the nuances of etiquette vital to success. Failure to observe cultural differences may be disastrous in business situations and may destroy opportunities.  

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Business & Social Etiquette

Features of Etiquette

Business etiquette encompasses a wide range of factors. Verbal and non-verbal communication, communication styles, taboo topics, body language and preferred speaking distances vary by culture.  

Dress and grooming are important facets of etiquette. Business people are expected to dress appropriately for the activity, whether a formal business meeting or a round of golf. Time sensitivity is another element. Some cultures place emphasis on punctuality while others view punctuality as a sign of impatience or hastiness.


Business and Social Etiquette provide a standardized framework enabling business people to communicate and collaborate appropriately.  Attention to etiquette projects professionalism and respect for others. In addition to creating a positive first impression, proper etiquette sends a subliminal message that engenders confidence and trust among associates. Becoming comfortable with appropriate etiquette allows an individual the confidence to focus on the task at hand and eases cross-cultural associations.