Pacific Rim Centre is now recruiting Teachers!

To Apply We Need the Following Documents:

  1. Your current location. If you're in North America we need a phone number.

  2. Skype and WeChat ID's.

  3. Individual businesslike photo (please smile!), passport, résumé, and/or CV right away. Note: A photo on your résumé does not count as the necessary photo. Please remove everything that isn’t specific to teaching.

  4. Self Introduction video, 1-2 minutes. Do not exceed time limit. Tell us about yourself – not your credentials. Your video is your first chance to make a favourable impression with the interviewer. Please smile and have fun with your video!

  5. Job preferences, ages of students, types of schools, minimum salary expectations and preferred locations.

All documents must be submitted to the agency email – no Skype or WeChat will bet accepted. Everything must be sent as individual attachments – do not send as one continuous download.

Email: pacificrimcentre@gmail.com

Teach Online

Pacific Rim Centre has added ESL teacher recruiting to our agency. We work with representatives of public and private schools, universities and one of the largest training center agencies in China, Aston International, with more than 120 locations! In addition to numerous positions through China we have recently entered cooperation with agencies throughout Latin America. Every position we present offers similar amenities such as paid housing, meals on campus, typical vacations, language lessons, medical insurance, flight reimbursement, Z-Visa and etcetera. 

Get ESL Certified