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You choose the services that will best enhance your performance and confidence:  Interviewing skills, public speaking, business meeting etiquette and business and social dining skills including: Western, European and Asian are available for us to design the perfect program for you. Individual, group trainings, seminars and workshops are available.


With thirty combined years in Public Relations Management, teaching Business English/Business and Social Etiquette, ESL, and conducting seminars and retreats as a Clinical Hypnotherapist I have a solid professional background to share with my clients.

Pacific Rim Centre is in a distinctive category and unlike other ‘Job Coaching’ businesses. Our clients realize their highest levels of performance and job satisfaction through our specialized and highly enjoyable programs.

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Everyone lacks confidence at one time or another.  Training with Pacific Rim Centre will give you the confidence and finesse to move comfortably in any business or social situation.

Training with Pacific Rim Centre can help you bring your career into focus, define goals and teach you the skills to showcase your talents and put you ahead of the competition.

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